Super Sidebar

Super Sidebar

Super Sidebar

Product Category : jQuery Plugin

Description : Super Sidebar is a highly customizable sticky social side menu. It comes with a lot of options that allow it a wide number of different possible configurations while still remaining lightweight and easy to work with.

Have a look over the preview page for yourself to see the example templates, default buttons and available settings.

See Live Demo, Click Here !!!


Note!!! This is a jQuery plugin, not a WordPress plugin.


Here are some of the important features of the sidebar:

It comes with 45 default brand buttons.
It comes with 20 default share services.
It includes 2 default buttons with a special function: mailto and print.
It has support for windows that open over the page.
It comes with 3 default examples: About, Contact and Newsletter.
The buttons can be grouped in subbars that open on mouseover.
It has support for Font Awesome which has over 670 icons available that can be used on buttons and customized with CSS.
It comes with 7 default colors: custom, blue, red, yellow, green, white, black.
+ Any color can be added through the CSS code.
The subbar can have 3 different positions: under, side and circular.
The subbar buttons have 5 animation effects: fade, linear-fade, slide, linear-slide, none.
Many other options and features.

Real Price: $7. Visit Salespage, Click Here!!!


Within this package, you will find the following :

  • jQuery Plugin Super Sidebar
  • Tutorial
  • Another Resource That You May Need
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Super Sidebar
Super Sidebar

Super Sidebar

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